Stonecrete is the latest in our range of unique coloured concrete fencing. This high quality product is produced in a sandstone colour and combines the splendor of stone with the durability and afford ability of concrete.

The timeless beauty and warm ambiance of a rugged stone wall crafted with clefts and crevices create a pronounced richness which gives this product it unique appeal.
  • Enhanced propety values
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Permanent beauty
  • Deep texturing on both sides
  • more

DuofaceDuoface New Small Brick
The new small brick design, manufactured solely by Durban Concrete fencing, blends the rich traditional of hand laid clay brick with the economical and everlasting benefit of our modular concrete post and panel system. Our Duoface system has the identical pattern on both sides, making your home as attractive from the inside as from the outside.

Concrete Palisade FencingConcrete Palisade Fencing
Our concrete palisade fencing is made from a 30Mpa concrete mix design with steel reinforcement to exact engineer's specifications. This ensures a strong and robust security barrier at all times.
Our range includes standard duty, heavy duty and coloured impregnated concrete palisade fencing.

Fullgrip Retaining Systems
Evolved over twenty years the FRB 210 and FRB 500 Dry Stack Retaining wall blocks combine structural stability with aesthetics and economy to suit domestic and industrial requirements.

Fullgrip Paving

Established in 1986, Fullgrip Paving has become a household name in the paving industry. The unique hexagonal and rectangular pavers come in a variety of colours to compliment the tastes and needs of clients. Fullgrip Paving is the ideal product for both residential and commercial use as it can be laid around the pool, in driveways and car parks to name but a few.

Gate and Steel Centre
Established in 1997 as a natural add-on to the DCF Group's well known fencing range, Gate & Steel Centre has grown into a reputable and creative manufacturer of a full range of galvanized and customized gates.